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Rain Water Tanks

The rainy season is Southern California is November to April and during these months we see rain causing freeway havok. But where does all that water go. Well, with gutters, drains, and rivers, it is all flushed out to sea. While the residents of the area need to pump in water from the San Joaquin valley, the Owens valley and the Colorado River to meet their needs.


How can a roof help with water efficiency? Well once we’ve established rain collection tanks, we have to think about all the water absorbed by the roof that won’t be running into the gutters. By using an all metal roof, we can increase our water collection by 20%. In addition, metal roofs have no petrochemicals like composite roofs, so we don’t have to worry about such materials in our collected rainwater.

Grey Water

On average 50% of our water usage in Southern California goes to water our lawns and gardens. An efficient way to lower our usage is a Greywater system. In our homes, our used water goes down the drain but it can be classified as Black water or Grey water. Black water is water going down the toilet. Greywater is water used in the showers, sinks and washing machines.

Drip Irrigation

We all know the noise of sprinkler systems in the summer, keeping our lawns green and healthy. But this is an inefficient way to water our lawns because a good part of the water is lost to evaporation or it never reaches its desired area. To be less wasteful with our water, drip irrigation is a smarter system.

Native Landscaping

The first images people have of Southern California are palm trees and beautiful green lawns. But did you know that most of these plants are not native to the area and require a lot of water. Southern California is a drier climate with low rainfall. These nonnative plants need more water and put undue strain on our resources.

Water Efficient Appliances

The simplest way to save water is to use machines that are water efficient. Dishwashers, and washing machines come in models that use less water, and many rebates exist to subsidize the cost. Also, about 30% of our in house water use is used to flush toilets.

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Zero Impact Home

We want to help people achieve a Zero Impact Lifestyle, a lifestyle that has a low impact on the environment by using less energy, and water and creating less Carbon Dioxide without a large change in lifestyle or standard of living.