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How It All Got Started!

I have to admit I like it now when people come to my house and see all the improvements I have made. They say things like “Your solar panels are so cool” “How cheap is your power bill?” ,“ You use NO gas at all?” and “What are those water tanks for?”. I’m not going to lie to you, it took a long time and a lot of hard work, and not just the cost and actual labor but the research alone. I found one site for solar panels, another one for water conservation but I could not find one central location for all things “green,“ where I could achieve what I ultimately wanted, a Zero Impact Lifestyle, a lifestyle that had as little impact on my environment as possible

Since everyone kept asking me how I did this, or what are the rebates on that, I decided to gather all that information on a single website. One easy location to help others do what I did, but without all the hassle of researching and testing out the different products. It reminds me of how I got started with recycling. I always thought it was a good idea, but I lived in the Midwest with no real culture for it, or any knowledge of where a recycling center was located. But when I moved back to LA, there was a simple Blue Bin in front of my place. All I had to do was drop in my glass bottles and paper and the rest was taken care of.

I believe many people want to live ”green,” using renewable sources of energy, using water wisely and efficiently, and driving electric or hybrid cars. The problem is that there is no simple “Blue Bin.” The infrastructure and culture are not there. With my company Zero Impact Home providing many services, I hope to give people that access, and make it as easy as possible for everyone to live a Zero Impact Lifestyle.

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Zero Impact Home

We want to help people achieve a Zero Impact Lifestyle, a lifestyle that has a low impact on the environment by using less energy, and water and creating less Carbon Dioxide without a large change in lifestyle or standard of living.