Geo Thermal Heat Pump

Building sustainable homes for a cleaner future.


As we have discussed, heat pumps use electric energy to pump heat into a home. But the colder it is outside, the more energy has to be used to heat the home. A geothermal heat pump works around this problem by pumping heat from the ground into the home. At around 7 ft under ground, the earth’s temperature is pretty consistent. By pumping heat from a consistent temperature instead of the cold outside, this system uses much less energy.

The down side is the big expense to build pipes going under the house down to 7ft. In Southern California, heating bills are not that large to justify building such an expensive system, but in the Northeast, in places like New Hampshire, where temperatures drop well below zero, and the more expensive heating oil is used, usually trucked in, hence more fossil fuels usage, this type of system makes more sense. This type of technology will free us from natural gas to heat homes, and will lower our impact on the environment.

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